Women & Wealth Networking
- Economic Empowerment, Education, & Encouragement for Women -

A division of Mark 1 Real Estate Wealth Academy 

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until our next live event:
thrive: prosper and be in good health
tuesday, jan. 18 | 6 PM - 8 PM (Pt)
what you can expect at our meetings:
  • Speakers who are passionate about spreading wealth growth education
  • ​A coalition of like-minded women who are ready to improve their financial situation
  • ​A shifted perspective on building wealth and reaching financial security
  • ​Networking (6:00 - 6:30) 
  • ​Food + Beverages
  • ​Raffled Prizes
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our mission
  • To provide women an opportunity to unleash their potential and achieve financial security through education, mentorship, and self-discovery.
  • ​To support women in pursuing passion, purpose, and prosperity to serve their gifts to the world and build a brighter future.
our vision

To create leaders who are empowered physically, spiritually, and financially to rebuild their communities and reshape the world. 

meet the teaM!
cheryl lacy
sarena jack
sonya sampson
  • 65% of Americans have either a 401K or IRA account to save for retirement.
  • ​​80% of Americans will run out of money within five years of retirement.
  • ​The number of people that are able to retire has been declining for decades!

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Disclaimer: The wealth-building formula and strategies taught, while deemed to be reliable, are in no way a guarantee of your financial success. Before making any investment decision, it is highly recommended that you get a second opinion from an investment expert. A Real Estate Wealth Advisor and/or a financial expert like a CPA or Financial Planner is recommended.